Browsing the 2023 archive of Senior Info

Browsing the 2023 archive of Senior Info

Director's Notes for June

Posted by Pete Nelson on 5/25/23


The Blaine Senior Center is Alive and Growing. Programs and events are being created. We have established a gameplan to be a community resource and have begun to develop some amazing partnerships within the community. We have a facility we can be proud of and ... Read More »

Open Conversation As We Get Older

Posted by Pete Nelson on 5/25/23

Open Conversation at the Senior Center

 This past week we had dinner and a presentation on the 10 early signs of dementia. We had a nice crowd but a small percentage of our membership. It was apparent that members present had questions and were curious, and maybe a little ... Read More »

Changing the Stigma on Aging

Posted by Pete Nelson on 5/09/23

The common term for the stigma and discrimination related to aging is Ageism...and it is everywhere. When age is used to categorize and divide people it leads to harm, disadvantage, injustice, and erodes a much-needed solidarity across generations. How we think about aging (stereotypes), how we feel about aging ... Read More »

We Can All Contribute

Posted by Pete Nelson on 5/09/23

I recently received a letter from an aunt of mine. She shared with me a short book my grandfather had written when he was in high school. It gave details of my family history I never knew, dating back to the early 1800’s. He also wrote about his memories ... Read More »

We Need Your Support

Posted by Pete Nelson on 3/30/23

April's "This is your Senior Center"   On behalf of the Board, I welcome our new Director, Pete Nelson. Pete has brought his enthusiasm to our center with many exciting new changes. We have new events, classes, and programs coming giving us opportunities to explore a variety of new ... Read More »

April's Directors Message

Posted by Pete Nelson on 3/30/23

April's DIRECTOR’S MESSAGE The past three months have seen significant changes at theSenior Center. These changes have not only been noticed by our members but by the community. Many have been supportive and proactive in helping us to move on from the Pandemic and to re-establish ourselves within the ... Read More »

This is Your Senior Center

Posted by Pete Nelson on 3/20/23

This is your Senior Center!

What exactly is a Senior Center? Senior Centers offer a wide variety of programs and services, meeting the needs and interests, of a diverse range of retired people. Senior Centers nationwide are adapting with a changing population of seniors. This change is making centers ... Read More »

Setting Ourselves Up for Success in 2023

Posted by Pete Nelson on 1/26/23

The New Year is over, and we are now firmly planted into 2023. Some of us set new years’ resolutions and are going strong with our chosen changes. Many of us fell off the wagon fast. We had good intentions but the changes we wanted just did not happen. ... Read More »

The Benefits of Tai Chi for Seniors

Posted by Pete Nelson on 1/24/23

The benefits of Tai Chi for seniors are incredible. A low-impact, relaxing form of exercise that only requires about 20 minutes a day and rewards your efforts. Tai Chi is an internal Chinese martial art in the sense that it focuses on mental and spiritual aspects integrated into movement.

This ... Read More »

A Great Post on

Posted by Pete Nelson on 1/24/23

Aging Well

Staying healthy and feeling your best is important at any age. These tips can help you cope with the changes that accompany growing older—and live life to the fullest.

The keys to healthy aging

As we grow older, we experience an increasing number of major life changes, ... Read More »