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Dear Community Members,

I wanted to thank you for taking the time to read this letter and listen to my request. I take immense pride in sharing news with you regarding the Blaine Senior Center and Community Complex, with emphasis on why we are a valuable resource to you and our entire community.

2023 has been a wonderful year for the Center. We have grown considerably as we have incorporated necessary changes to our philosophy, structure, and programming. This has transformed our organization into a significant resource for the community. This renovation has come by diversifying our programming, enhancing our efforts to include the community, and committing to making our Center the nicest location for seniors and the community at large, in the county. Additionally, we have embraced the credo of “Kindness” as our number one rule. These changes were possible through significant hours of extra effort from our staff and volunteers.

Efforts this year include a substantial increase in membership, community programs, and events. This work has focused on our community and opened the door to multiple community resources calling our center home. We have become inclusive to the community by opening our arms to the Blaine schools, families, local organizations, non-profits, and more. We offer our center for community events, classes, workshops, presentations, meetings, life skills training, community meals, a health and wellness curriculum, live music, technology classes, art programs, parties, and so much more. We are not just a Center for Seniors but consider ourselves a center for active living for the community. Additionally, we clean and maintain this facility internally every day.

As we have evaluated our Center and established our goals in 2024, we realize we cannot do it without the help of our community. Yet, local people and businesses do not realize we are a 501 (c)(3). We rely on fundraising to help us make an impact in our community. As we grow and transform our community focus, we have never needed help more. The benefit of donating to the Community Center is 100% of your donations go directly to one of our programs or items on our wish list. No administration costs ever touch a donation.

Not only do we offer you an effective way to make your donations impact the community directly, but we also offer sponsorship opportunities and inexpensive facility rentals. Sponsorship opportunities include community events, health and wellness programs, community meals, and our Veterans program. These sponsorships expose your business to the community members who support your business. Facility rentals include access to our community center complex, to include the Senior Center, for large and small events, parties, meetings and more.

Every day I see the impact we have on Blaine’s large Senior population. I see the need our community children, families, and organizations have for a community center that can support and offer amazing resources.

I know you have requests for donations. I am asking you to evaluate and consider our Center and learn more about what we do for the community. Your Kindness would affect so many directly.

Please feel free to give me a call as I would love to give you a tour of our facility. I am always happy to meet and support our local businesses to the best of my ability.

With Sincere Regards,

Pete Nelson, Executive Director

Blaine Senior Center and Community Complex  

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