Blaine Senior Center

Strength Training
New Class starts Wednesday, March 1st 2023. Physician releases and fee of $60 required to enroll in class.
Line Dancing is back!  Tuesdays 9:00-10:00am   
Yee haw!  Come join this informal group for a rousing hour of traditional & contemporary line dancing.
Footcare is back! 
Next date: Feb 28th.  New Provider $40.  See office for appointment.


Upcoming Events
Stay up to date with current programs and events.

Big Bucks Bingo Saturday, March 11th 2023

Doors open at 11:45am

Lunch served at 12:00noon

Early Bird $1 card at 12:30pm

Bingo (8 games) $15 at 1:00pm

Lunch $8

Everyone Welcome!

Over $275 in prize money.



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2023 Membership Renewal

Please take this time to renew your membership for 2023. Your $45 yearly membership supports the Center and is now valid for 12 months vs the previous calendar year term.

If you have not been in since the COVID closure please stop by and check out our new programs, staff and look.  As always, we welcome your input and feedback.

Thank you for your continued support, understanding, and patience during this unprecedented time. Working together we can open better than ever!

Director's Message

Dear Members of the Blaine Senior Center-

As I settle into my role as Director I realize how important my job is. I have direct access to the lives of many Seniors and realize how much my decisions can have an impact. I also realize I have to be fearless and smart. Why? Because I understand I am not going to make every one happy...and because I love my members so much I want to make good decisions.



About Us

The Blaine Senior Center serves 180 people per day from our community. Members and visitors from Blaine, Birch Bay, Semiahmoo, Custer and many other areas in Whatcom County and Canada benefit from our services. Read more...

Office Hours

Our Hours
Monday - Friday  |  8:00am - 4:00pm


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