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A New Resolution in 2024

A New Resolution Strategy

Welcome to 2024. As we lapse into another year, many of us take the time to establish ritual resolutions to hopefully embark on a healthier, more productive, or simply put…a better life. No matter what your goals are for 2024, whether you make them on New Year’s Eve or not, the key ingredient to success is your ability to change.

Many Seniors don’t like change; however, there is physical and mental benefits to change that makes it a needed ingredient as we grow older. To challenge ourselves, to seek new things, and to occasionally get uncomfortable are all within the scope of beneficial change. Now, as a Senior Center Director, I am unsure if many of my seniors don’t like change because they absolutely love everything about their lives or they simply are afraid to fail. It is easy to get into patterns and without a strategy, it can be hard to create change.

I know some of us believe willpower is the key to changing. But the factors that influence “change behavior” have actually been thoroughly researched. The key is to understand human behavior (your behavior) and to utilize a change model (strategy) that works. So how do you set yourself up for success when you want to change…whether it is a new year’s resolution, an order from your doctor, or just a change you think will enrich your life?

Many of us walk through life not contemplating much or, at least, certain things. We are in a pre-contemplation stage (1) that has not evolved into a need to change or even a desire to be better. Unfortunately, ignorance is often bliss. As we are living within the “Information Age” however, education is the start of change. Before we can change something, we need to understand the why’s and what’s of our behavior…and to get a bigger picture of what our situation is.

Contemplating change (2) is essential to facing our particular challenges and goals: To be aware of the science, to understand the patterns, and to face the obstacles that are in our way. How do you change a pattern or belief if you don’t open yourself up to new strategies and ideology?

Smart contemplation enables you to establish an action plan (3). A sound one. The changes you need to make in this plan to your thinking, your environment, and your support systems before you even try to make a change. This enables you to be prepared when you go into your action stage.

Making a behavioral change using the contemplation-planning-action model simply enables you to understand the change you want to make and to put a strategy together to succeed. Knowing you are going to have doubts (support), knowing you need to change patterns in your life (environment), and remembering why you need and want to make this change (education). The key to long term success is making the effort in the foundation of your goals.

So, I hope you succeed in your New Year’s resolutions. If you have doubts. Slow down. Take the time to support your true initiative…and make the change you want count.

The Blaine Senior Center wants to be a change agent for Seniors and the community. This takes programs that educate and have been shown to work, a support system based on good intentions and kindness, and an environment that understands the mission of better health, wellbeing, and community.

We all have things we want or wish we could change. At no time in life are we unable to change. The key is gaining the knowledge needed to make real change in your life. Whether it is a lifestyle change, a need for help with a community resource, or a place to gain real information, the Blaine Senior Center is a resource for you.

Happy New Year,

Pete Nelson, Executive Director, Blaine Senior Center


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