Browsing the 2023 archive of Senior Info

Browsing the 2023 archive of Senior Info

Expanding our reach as a "Center for Active Living"...We need your support.

Posted by Pete Nelson on 12/12/23

Dear Community Members,

I wanted to thank you for taking the time to read this letter and listen to my request. I take immense pride in sharing news with you regarding the Blaine Senior Center and Community Complex, with emphasis on why we are a valuable resource to you ... Read More »

The Holiday Spirit Renovation Guide

Posted by Pete Nelson on 12/08/23

The Holiday Spirit Renovation Project

The Christmas Spirit. The ideal of family coming together, cold days with warm decorations, happy chatter, and love. Some would say we have rehabilitated this spirit through a commercial bombardment that now seems to begin earlier and earlier every year. Think I saw my ... Read More »

Embracing the life stages as you age

Posted by Pete Nelson on 11/17/23

Embracing the life stages as you age | The Northern Light

 We live in an era where feeling and looking younger is pushed upon us – so much that there is a prejudice regarding getting older. 

Getting older is sometimes degraded and attitudes toward our older generations have brought ... Read More »

Overcoming senior loneliness: We are in this together

Posted by Pete Nelson on 10/25/23

It is fair to say we live in an interesting time in history, where crisis has become the norm. Where information is plentiful, technology is ever consuming, and frankly, we all live with a little bit of chaos. It doesn’t help that we also have to endure a pandemic ... Read More »

Intentional Change

Posted by Pete Nelson on 7/26/23

Last issue a new series was introduced on the power of intentional living. The premise was, in being true to ourselves we need to contemplate and examine our wants and needs in life and learn to prioritize how we can be our best and most authentic self. This often ... Read More »


Posted by Pete Nelson on 7/26/23


It has now been almost 7 months since I began at the Blaine Senior Center. I believe we have seen some amazing changes; However, I want to accent that we have only just begun. I see a light in this Center and it comes from ... Read More »

What is your Life Intention?

Posted by Pete Nelson on 7/26/23

What is your Life Intention? We all feel it. Time moves very fast, and We wish it would slow down. We get into our routines, do a lot of mindless stuff, and the days roll by. This is particularly frustrating as We get older and begin to contemplate our ... Read More »

Director's Notes from July 2023

Posted by Pete Nelson on 7/26/23

In the article within this newsletter...I talk about Intentional Living. In our chaotic world we often get caught up in our routines and forget what is important to ourselves. Intentional living helps us clarify our values and strengthen our commitments to the things that matter to us by making ... Read More »

Director's Notes for June

Posted by Pete Nelson on 5/25/23


The Blaine Senior Center is Alive and Growing. Programs and events are being created. We have established a gameplan to be a community resource and have begun to develop some amazing partnerships within the community. We have a facility we can be proud of and ... Read More »

Open Conversation As We Get Older

Posted by Pete Nelson on 5/25/23

Open Conversation at the Senior Center

 This past week we had dinner and a presentation on the 10 early signs of dementia. We had a nice crowd but a small percentage of our membership. It was apparent that members present had questions and were curious, and maybe a little ... Read More »