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Browsing the 2024 archive of Senior Info

The vision board for seniors: Know what you want in life!

Posted by Pete Nelson on 3/14/24

The Vision Board

How do you know what to look for, what to ask for in life if you do not know what you want?  This is a pretty straight forward question. I am going to be 60 years old this spring and there are still moments when I ... Read More »

“A Senior Perspective”

Posted by Pete Nelson on 2/05/24

“A Senior Perspective”

People ask me why I wanted to be a Senior Center Director. I had choices and thought about working with Kids; however, once I examined the issues Senior Centers within the United States were experiencing, I decided the role as the Blaine Senior Center Executive Director ... Read More »

A New Resolution in 2024

Posted by Pete Nelson on 1/04/24

A New Resolution Strategy

Welcome to 2024. As we lapse into another year, many of us take the time to establish ritual resolutions to hopefully embark on a healthier, more productive, or simply put…a better life. No matter what your goals are for 2024, whether you make them on ... Read More »