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It has now been almost 7 months since I began at the Blaine Senior
Center. I believe we have seen some amazing changes; However, I want to
accent that we have only just begun. I see a light in this Center and it
comes from the special people within. Together we have the opportunity
to continue to make this a one of a kind place. A game changer for the
Senior who wants to live a full life with opportunity for active living and
the support from community. A true community gem.

Later in the newsletter, I continue a series on intentional living and the
process of change. A key note in this article is the statement...”99% of
change starts with just showing up”. Learning new things, embracing what
we love, and developing meaningful relationships is the cornerstone to
living successfully in what should truly be our Golden Years.We simply
need to show up. The Center is gradually bringing on a full calendar of
classes and events. Keep an eye out as this fall we will be at full capacity.

The Blaine Senior Center has embraced Kindness. This is the foundation to
this Center. I want to thank everyone for embracing this Mantraand for
opening your arms to the many new members joining the Center. To our
wonderful volunteers. You have been amazing. July 4th was a perfect
example of the joy and fulfillment volunteering brings. Great team spirit!

Finally, Laurie Donaldson, our Kitchen Master and Board Member, has
announced his retirement. I want to thank Laurie from all of us for being a
constant team player and a joy to be around. Whether its his
volunteerism, friendliness, or hard work...Laurie always shows up. Please
extend a big thank you to Laurie. He is not totally of the hook...as I hope
to see him often. Love you My Friend.

Finally, everyday someone says to me Please do not quit Pete”. To all my
supporters ...I am here and happy. The joy my new family brings to me
has been life changing. We have a wonderful staff, an amazing Board, and
the best members I could ever ask for. For those of you who would love to
see me go...Im sorry. I am not going anywhere for a very long time.

Cheers and look forward to a great month..



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