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Director's Notes for June


The Blaine Senior Center is Alive and Growing. Programs and events are being created. We have established a gameplan to be a community resource and have begun to develop some amazing partnerships within the community. We have a facility we can be proud of and a robust membership that is diverse and versatile.

There has been lots of thought to creating a “Mantra” that helps to establish a mindful rule of thumb for the culture of our center and supersedes all others at our membership. This Mantra will be “Kindness”.

On a personal level, kindness not only feels good but also does us good. To begin with, connecting with others through kind deeds allows us to meet our basic psychological needs of relatedness and belonging. Performing acts of kindness can also increase life satisfaction, positive mood, and peer acceptance. It can stimulate the release of serotonin and oxytocin, which can increase trust, reduce fear and anxiety, and help us understand our intentions better. 

More importantly, we are strengthening our culture. To be a center that offers a wide variety of opportunities to help us strive for wellness, education, fun, and most importantly, community is amazing. The intention is to go one step further: The Blaine Senior Center will be a place where we are mindful of each other… mindful of our community. We will simply be kind to each other.

Kindness is important because it makes the Senior Center a safe place. A place to play, cry, explore, and have fun. A place where we accept each other and celebrate our differences. A place where we greet every person who walks through our door and get excited about what others can offer our membership. A “Kind” Community that leads by example and strives to be its best.

-Pete Nelson, Director, Blaine Senior Center





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