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Leading By Example

I guess you could say I am on a mission. I focus my life on our most experienced generations. Why am I enthusiastic about this? Every day, I get to see people who live their full lives, who give back to our community, and I hear amazing stories about life.

I am on a quest to support our older populations because I see how they can be difference-makers in our society. Within our aging population we have so many talented, experienced, knowledgeable and healthy people who can help our society and local community. I also see an opportunity for change. There is a stigma associated with our elders. Ageism, however, has no place in our everyday lives. Getting older is simply a stage and should not be designated by age, looks or how many grandchildren we have.

As we get older, we may begin to have battle scars from life. But we also have all the wonderful attributes that come from experiencing life. We are not genetically different from past elder people. But technology, and medical/ biological advancements have made living longer a reality and one we need to embrace.

For the first time, people born in the U.S. will more than likely live a long life. It is time to shape our community to accept the fact we are living longer and develop age-friendly perspectives and support systems.

This means we need to look at how to make growing older a celebration and establish a community that enables our mature generations (or as I like to call them, “super adults”) every opportunity to be supported and contribute.

It isn’t just an investment in our elders because our children will also likely live long lives. Setting a foundation now will help our children in the future. However, we have also changed the societal norm for retirement. Our system and our communities were not established for us to have 40 golden years, or 40 years of down time. Super adults need to have a game plan of how to continue being part of society.

Do you know what has been deemed the most essential part of longevity? Community. At the senior center, there is so much we can do, and your insight and support make the possibilities endless.

I don’t want people to join the senior center because they need a place to be taken care of. We are not a convalescent home. I want people, as they get older, to come to the center to embrace life. To contribute and continue to learn and grow. To stay healthy and to live in their homes for as long as possible. To give back and lead by example so that our children will be excited at the prospect of a long and fulfilling life.

Our center needs your support. No matter what stage of life you are in, we welcome you to support financially, mindfully, spiritually, emotionally and physically. We can create a community that makes a difference, is a foundation for what life offers, and is a pillar for the future – not the past.

The Blaine Senior Center is now fundraising to modernize its gym equipment and fitness support services. Your support is highly appreciated.

Pete Nelson is executive director of Blaine Senior Center.


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