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We Can All Contribute

I recently received a letter from an aunt of mine. She shared with me a
short book my grandfather had written when he was in high school. It
gave details of my family history I never knew, dating back to the early
1800’s. He also wrote about his memories and even shared his personal

Receiving this literature brought tears to my eyes. No, I cried. Not only
did it teach me about my history, but it brought me closer to my

Recently, we started a memoir class at the Senior Center. This class
helped participants process memories and organize them with the goal
of sharing them. One member took it a step further. He has started to
create a videography of his memories: Antidotes, tidbits, and stories of
his life. This too brings tears to my eyes. What a gift for his family to be
able to have this history and moments to feel close, forever, with a
celebrated patriarch in the family

This experience has taught me so much. First, what a powerful group we
have here at the Senior Center. The history and amazing experiences we
have had. Secondly, adapting to the technology available has opened this
ability to video storytelling. This is simply an example how we can
continue to grow as a Senior Center by adapting with Technology: Virtual
Classes, Computer Classes, Videography, and so much more. It shows,
with a little creativity and effort, there is so much we can do within the
walls of our center.

Finally, the word contributehas been on my mind all week. Our
members effort to video his life is a great contribution to his family. But
it goes even deeper than this. We all can contribute. These contributions
may differ from person to person, but the key is we contribute. This
contribution is how we support our friends. It is how we support our
center. It is how we support our community. It is how we, as older adults,
make a difference in this community.


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