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April's "This is your Senior Center"
On behalf of the Board, I welcome our new Director, Pete Nelson. Pete has brought his
enthusiasm to our center with many exciting new changes. We have new events, classes, and

programs coming giving us opportunities to explore a variety of new interests within the center. We
have worked hard to establish new partnerships with a variety of community organizations that will
add to the interest and growth of our center and benefits our members. The Center gives us a
chance to meet our neighbors, make new friends, and share our talents as we learn new skills. We
are also establishing new hours for the center to offer better access for our members and the

community. This is our center, and we can get better in everything we do.

We are so excited as we launch a new era post-Covid. However, we continue to need the support
of our members. This support comes in the form of participation in our classes, programs, and
events. It comes in the need for volunteers to help our programs, events, and even the day to day
operations of the center. Most importantly, we need support through donations and our fundraising

The Blaine Senior Center is an IRS 501(c)(3) non-profit organization. We are no different than
most non-profits as we survive on the kindness of our members and community. Our senior center
receives support from the City of Blaine and Whatcom County Parks & Recreation to help with part of
the salaries of our employees. The city helps us with some of the buildings maintenance and utilities.
Yet we utilize donations and fundraising to help maintain out facility, to pay payroll taxes, pay for

services, upgrade systems and equipment, and to offer better programs and events.

Donations to 501(c)(3) nonprofit organizations are tax deductible. Individuals can deduct up to
100% of their income in qualified donations. Corporations are limited to a deduction equal to 25% of
their taxable business income. It makes sense to donate to non-profits with legitimate 501(c)3 status.

Donating to a nonprofit with the correct tax exemption status also helps ensure your money
will be put to good use, as 501(c)(3) organizations are held accountable to legal standards enforced
by the federal government. Our strategy is to offer our members a donation platform that allows you
to directly see the impact of your generosity. These appropriated donations can be used to help

upgrade the center, to add new equipment, to help us focus on new programs and to offer amazing
events to all patrons of the center. Your donations make an immediate impact and will change lives
for so many in our community.

Thank you to all our members. The Blaine Senior Center has an amazing future, and we look

forward to working with our members to continue to expand our senior platform and to strengthen

our role as a community leader.

Adele Berman

President, Board of Directors

Blaine Senior Center



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