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What is your Life Intention?

What is your Life Intention?

We all feel it. Time moves very fast, and We wish it would slow down. We get into our routines, do a lot of mindless
stuff, and the days roll by. This is particularly frustrating as We get older and begin to contemplate our life roles and

assess how much time we have left.

Some would say we live in a chaotic world. It is an interesting one. We are more connected to the world through

constant communication, endless news, and a busier community. We have responsibilities and obligations...some we
want and some that may be a burden.

So how do we slow it down? How do we shape our lives so that we can gain greater meaning? How do we set a course
to be better people while doing things that we truly love? There is more than one answer, and we all have, thank

goodness, our own individuality.

We have worked our whole lives to come to this point. Many of us have been at full capacity for years. Thus, unable to
take on the things we truly wanted because life was too full. How often were we too tired to nurture ourselves or give
our full attention to someone who needed it...because we were at our emotional and physical capacity.

People often tend to forget what is important to themselves. This potential can be defined as being true to yourself
and doing the things in your life that symbolize what is important and meaningful to you. This is your time and yes, it is
never too late.

So here is the challenge: Stop and take some time. Pull out a piece of paper and a pen and follow your heart.

Intentional living is about searching for what you want. An intention can be anything you want...but you have to

recognize this. You have to acknowledge what has been missing in your life and what is truly important to you. Evaluate
your health and wellness, love, friendship, family, money, environment, creativity, spirituality, and anything else that
matters to you.

Lin Yutang wrote a book called the Importance of Living”. This eastern and western philosopher has a few

mainstream ideas about living and some that many of us may have never considered: One was his recommendation that
everyone should spend a half hour every day in bed, alone, just contemplating life. Silly right? Actually, it makes sense...
especially in our world. Taking the time to acknowledge what you want is the first step. It doesnt have to be in bed, but
the emphasis is allowing yourself the time to contemplate.

Everyone has met someone who is so focused on their intentions, and they seem to have a deep seeded power from
within. They are confident in their decisions, know what they want, and have control over how they live their lives. It is
because they have unlocked their own potential and are cultivating the life they want.

We are at a stage in life where we can focus on ourselves and our values. Taking the time to set or re-set your life

intention can look like whatever you want: growth in any area of the mind, body, and soul. Taking the time to make

intentional choices and evaluate the path you are on offers so many benefits: *Clarity around the choices you are

making * increased confidence and sense of ownership in your life * excitement for the future * optimism regarding your
goals and the path you are on the meet them * and more enjoyment and pleasure in your daily life.

Authenticity and intention help to set an alignment between you and your core values. We have the opportunity, and
frankly the right at this stage in our lives, to focus on what we want. Take the time and evaluate if you are on track with
your values. If you dont do it...nobody else will.

Much Love, Pete

PS. I am always here to support and look forward to helping you find, change, or strengthen your path. Cheers.



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