Director's Message


Last week I saw this sign in a local restaurant - “Like the rest of the world we are understaffed.  Thank you for your understanding.”  With the recent departure of our director and office admin this sentiment hits home.  So, I’d like to thank all our members who have been supportive and understanding as we try to keep things as normal as possible.  I know that sometimes the phone doesn’t get answered and some things may inadvertently fall through the cracks and for that I apologize.  Please do not hesitate to remind me or give me your feedback.  On that note, I have made some changes to the newsletter based on feedback received.    I hope you approve.  Keep it coming!

This month we welcome a new program led by a member who is a master knitter and has taught at Whatcom Community College.  If you want to learn, pick up new skills or just socialize with other knitters I hope you join Beth Mondays at 3pm starting September 12.

And a reminder that the CAP coat drive will kick-off September 1st.  We will be a drop-off location so maybe it’s time to clean your closets?


P.S. To all amateur photographers out there, would love to put your local scenery picture on the front cover.  Any pic printed will include photo credit.  Unlike my amateur effort this month, remember landscape (vs portrait) orientation for best results.