Director's Message

For those of you that haven’t heard, I’m your new Center Director, and I’m happy to be here and am looking forward to building on the hard work that has made the Blaine Senior Center the premier center in Whatcom County.

As we continue our slow march through these uncertain times the center is back to life! We have a new strength trainer and classes will start back up October 5th, Lucy is conducting her stretch classes every week, pinochle is being played, the pool room is in use, the BUG! Group is filling the center with music each Tuesday, and much more!

I’d like to personally thank several people that have been instrumental in keeping everything going while I get situated here at the center. Laurie is here like clockwork making sure the meals are ready to deliver. Walt is a true ambassador for the center (as well as the Bocce King of Blaine). Toni has been my “go to” for how the center and the board op-erate. Nick is quickly becoming the BSC Gardener, and the entrance has never looked better. There are so many others, and I can’t thank everyone enough for making the transition as smooth as possible.

The most common comment and request I get is “When are you going to serve meals in here again?”. Well, I’ve been talking the Whatcom Council on Aging and we hope to be able to start that service again in 2022 (that sounds far in the future, but that’s only three months away). I’ll keep you updated on this as information comes my way.

I look forward to meeting each of you, and, please, stop by and see me when you’re at the center. I’m good for a chat and to hear what you’d like to see happen in the center.

On a final note: Please choose the Blaine Senior Center as your charity in your Amazon account. This doesn’t cost you anything but can generate additional donations as you make your Amazon purchases.