Director's Message

The Center officially closed on March 12th, 2020. I can’t believe its been six months. Per the Governor’s Phased Approach and the fact that Whatcom County is still in Phase 2, we will continue to remain closed until Phase 4.

Most of what we do at the Center is social engagement – playing cards, playing pool, having lunch, spending time at the coffee bar are areas that we cannot take the chance. Even our gym can’t be open with the increase in social distancing requirement while exercising indoors keeps changing from six feet to 300 square feet per person in Phase 2 and 200 square feet per person in Phase 3. Bear with us as we go through this – and we will!

Walgreen’s will again be offering Flu shots on Thursday, October 8th. It will be on the H Street side of the building. I have enclosed a Vaccination Form to be filled out in advance. If you do not have access to a computer or a printer, please stop by the office and I will give you one. If you plan to come, please call and let me know. I will be taking registrations as the Pharmacist needs to know how many to plan for.

January 2021